My Final Post

I know it is way overdued, by I would like to make it clear that I will no longer be posting on this blog. However, don’t worry if you still need the information on this blog, I will still leave it online. You see, it was on a Friday, where I was supposed to cover the secrets in the Style Catalog, but I was tired, so I was going to push it on to Saturday, but apparently, that never happened, and that was how I stopped posting on this blog. I guess I grew tired of Club Penguin. Anyway, I would like to say that I’m sorry and I would like to thank all of you, especially because even though I have not been posting on this blog since May 2010, the blog views have increased by about 15 000. So once again, thank you.


Captain’s Back In March

First of all, here’s a look at the puffle in the mystery cave!

Now here’s a look at the Pirate Catalog and then we’re off to the Style Catalog Secrets!

Style Catalog Secrets:

Click on the bottle to unlock the Dazzling Blue Top Hat.

Click on the cup to unlock the Top Hat.

Click on the red light to unlock the Dazzling Blue Tux.

Click on the top of the tree on the 9th page to unlock The Brunette and the Purple Spring Dress.

Click on the top of the mountain on the 10th page to get unlock Pastel Suede Jacket.

Click on the top of the tree on the 11th page to unlock the Pom Pom Scarf.

Click on the snowman’s hat to unlock the Jade Necklace.

Click on the snowman’s nose to unlock the Pink Snorkel.

Click on the top of the mountain on the 12th page to get the Pink Flippers.

Click on the bubble next to the fish to unlock the Viking Helmet.

Open and close the Viking Helmet 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click on the top of the tree to unlock the Long Johns.

Click on the drumsticks hidden in the tree to unlock the Drumsticks.

Click on the trumpet hidden in the tree to unlock the Trumpet.

Click on the acoustic guitar hidden in the tree to unlock the Acoustic Guitar.

Click on the Snare Drum hidden in the tree to unlock the Snare Drum.

By the way, Rockhopper is making appearances aroubnd the island, so make sure you find him if you haven’t yet!

Mystery Of The Puffle And The Cave

In the Club Penguin Times. it was stated that Yarr was missin and puffle wanted to explore the mysterious cave that was opened in January, so is Yarr found there? If so, this wouold be the start of the story that would end with having that cave opened!

Series 7

Treasure Book Series 7 Secrets:

Click on the pot of gold to unlock the Cocoa Bunny Ears, Cocoa Bunny Costume and Fuzzy Boots.

Click on the stadium lights to unlock the Whistle, Silver Watch and Referee Jersey.

Click on the cardboard tree to unlock the Black Sunglasses, Black Bowtie, Black Suit and Black Dress Shoes.

Click on the spot on the moon to unlock the Bee Antennae, Bee Wings and Bee Costume.

Mission Delayed!

The new mission is delayed yet again! The lat time Club Penguin talked about it, thay stated that it would be up soon, so shouldn’t it be up in December or January? Now they said there will be news about it in a few weeks! Now isn’t that just plain sad? At least there’s still a sneak peek!

Monster Wagon

The new Wagon Pin can be found at the Ski Lodge.

However, the Feather Pin is still at Beacon, sop it should be there for a while longer.

Sports Catalog Secrets:

Click on the penguin to unlock the Green Baseball Uniform and Green Ball Cap.

Click on the Pitcher’s Mound to unlock the Red Ball Cap.

Next of all, members can now adopt the orange puffle!

This is it’s page in the Puffle Catalog:

This is it in someone’s igloo:

This is it’s Puffle Card:

This is it playing with a box:

This is it playing with a wagon:

This is it resting:

This is it eating Puffle-O’s:

This is it chewing gum:

This is it eating a cookie:

This is it bathing:

This is it dancing:

By the way, you can now adopt 18 puffles.

Lastly, since Skloooperis is back, he will be my partner again!

Adopting The Orange

Rockhopper has been spotted in the Telescope and will arrive on March 5th!

Lastly, you will be able to adopt the Orange Puffle on February 26th! In the Club Penguin Times, it is stated that it originated from the box dimesnsion and it  likes monster truck wagons, hula hoops and boxes! Well, that’s Club Penguin thinking out of the box!

I can’t wait! Can you?

Orange Mania!

Here is one picture of the orange puffle soft toy from the Series 4 Pet Puffles!

Lastly, there are 10 orange penguins in the Ski Village, you will be able to see the orange puffle!

Puffle Party 2010!

The Puffle Party is finally here! Let’s start with the free items first.

The Puffle Hat can be found at the Plaza.

For members, the Puffle Jacket can be found at the Puffle Show, which is accessible through the Ski Village.

Location Of Puffle Rooms:

Blue Puffle Room-Forest

Red Puffle Room-Cove

Pink Puffle Room-Iceberg

Black Puffle Room-Underground Pool

Green Puffle Room-Beacon

Yellow Puffle Room-Lighthouse

Purple Puffle Room-Nightclub

White Puffle Room-Mines

Mmbers can let their puffles go through an obstacle course in the Puffle Show.

Igloo Catalog Secrets:

Click on the Mailbox to unlock the Blue Lamp.

Click on the Stone Couch to unlock the Portal Box.

Click on the Stone Lamp to unlock the HD TV.

Click on the Ski Rack to unlock the Snowboard Rack.

Click on the Santa Hat Snowman to unlock the Nutcracker.

Click on the Christmas Wreath to unlock the Small Christmas Tree.

Click on the Large Christmas Tree to unlock the Christmas Lights.

Lastly, have fun in the Puffle Party!

Another DS Game!

First of all, these are the sneak peeks for the Puffle Party:

Lastly, the part you have been waiting for, the new Club Penguin DS game! It will be called, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge. It will be released mid 2010! Here are the sneak peeks: